Do you remember this picture?

Reblog>Click the picture> And see what happened!  YOU’LL BE SURPRISED! 


Lovely :’)


god bless that ladyy

At first:

Then I reblogged and clicked the picture:

That lady deserves a medal.

god bless you miss <3



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I wish I could just negotiate with the spiders in my bathroom
  • Me: Okay well I really hate killing you guys and I know that without you the world would be overrun with insects, so I love you and all, but I kind of really need to take a shower and I don't wanna drown you or have you panic and bite me.
  • Spider: No probs bro I'll just go hang around in that corner until you're done. By the way, your fan is getting really dirty, my cousin's been living in there and he's not so happy with the conditions.
  • Me: Oh that's okay I'll have it cleaned and just you can just tell him to move out until it's done.
  • Spider: Sure thing, man, I'll be over here until your shower's over.
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I’m having those type of days where my mood is just like ” Oh my gosh I fucking hate everyone”

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Heard The Best Pick-Up Line Ever

Guy: Hey do you want an Australian kiss?

Girl: Uhmmm, what’s that?

Guy: It’s like a French kiss…….

But down under!

  -  5 July 2012


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