When your mom goes into your room and turns on the light while your asleep


And you open your eyes and you’re like:

this blog is epic

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  • Society: Every girl is beautiful.
  • Fat girls: Really?
  • Skinny girls: Really?
  • Curvy girls: Really?
  • Scene girls: Really?
  • Preppy girls: Really?
  • White girls: Really?
  • Black girls: Really?
  • Society: Wait let me be more specific
  • Society: You need to have boobs the size of Canada, an ass that will put Nicki Minaj to shame, perfect porcelain skin with nary a single blemish, straight white teeth that will blind somebody that looks at them without sunglasses, hair that is thick and flows like a waterfall made of rainbows and unicorn tears, eyelashes that will touch your forehead and look natural doing it, soft hairless skin, and a smolder that will fry a chicken in a basket. You also have to be a size 00 because guys love it when they can see your ribcage.
  • Girls:
  • Society:
  • Girls:
  • Society: Why is everybody getting depressed all of a sudden?
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The first time I go into someones house:


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haha what a lil cutie

When people cut you in the lunch line because they see a friend.


 What pisses me off is all those fucking little kids in my way, and the fact that it takes more then half the break to get something to eat

this blog is epic

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